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Electrical Expert, Inc. 
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Duane P. Johnson - PhD, PE
Electrical Expert, Inc.


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Education and Work Experience

BS (Electrical Engineering) high distinction University of Minnesota

MS (Physics)                    University of Washington

PhD (Physics)      University of Washington

Dr. Johnson has given many invited lectures and presentations to academic, industrial and lay audiences, here in the United States and internationally.  He has published more than 50 technical papers. 

Dr. Johnson has testified before the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and in numerous court cases in California and elsewhere.

Principal Engineer and Founder,  Electrical Expert, Inc. 
Specializes in the investigation and prevention of electrical failures including malfunctions, power outage, electrical shocks, arcing faults and fires of electrical origin. 

CEO and Co-Founder,  SE Systems, Inc. 
Specialized in the use of radio-waves to assess the suitability of materials and parts for intended service.  Developed advanced, proprietary computer processing methods and hardware to allow automatic, high speed, 100% inspection.  Developed production line parts handling and inspection equipment.
Managing Engineer,  Failure Analysis Associates
Specialized in the analysis of electrical and system failures.  Investigated many high profile accidents.  Involved in the early development of probabilistic methods for analyzing system failure.  Developed methods and used these methods to assess the safety of nuclear power plant and other critical components. 
President and Co-Founder,  Reluxtrol, Inc. 
Specialized in proprietary high-sensitivity radio-wave sensors in nondestructive inspections.  First to successfully apply high-frequency methods to steel parts.
Manager of Nondestructive Investigations,  Pratt & Whitney Aircraft
Responsible for nondestructive inspections to assure the continued safe operation of critical gas-turbines.
Associate Professor of Physics,  American University in Cairo
Taught physics and material science to international students in Cairo, Egypt.

Senior Lecturer in Physics,  University of Western Australia
Teaching and Research Assistant, University of Washington

Dr. Duane P. Johnson  *  Experience you can trust

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