Duane P. Johnson - PhD, PE
Electrical Expert, Inc.


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Forensic Analysis

Dr. Johnson has investigated the failure of many electrical devices including consumer products, lighting, wiring, electrical vehicles, power systems, motors, generators, circuit disconnects, industrial machinery, transformers and electronic components.

He has provided services for government agencies, utilities, manufacturers, processing facilities, insurance providers, retail establishments, contractors, property owners, attorneys and individuals.

Duane P Johnson
Electrical Expert, Inc.
7565 Locomotive Ln
Roseville, CA 95747
(916) 778-8047


Consumer products
Heaters, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, rug cleaners, toasters, coffee makers, stoves, ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, clothes dryers, electric blankets, wine coolers, saunas, pools, treadmills, copiers, fax machines. 

Lighting and wiring                                                                 Light switches, light fixtures, lamps, receptacles, plugs, neon signs, power cords, industrial buses, house wiring, temporary wiring, spiders, high and low voltage wiring.

Electrical vehicles                                                                      Elevators, escalators, wheel chairs, golf carts, autos. 

Power systems                                                               Batteries,  battery chargers, welding power supplies, uninterruptible power supplies, DC power supplies.

Motors and generators                                                       Industrial motors, consumer product motors, motor controllers, emergency generators, DC generators, AC generators. 

Circuit Disconnects                                                                   High voltage switches, switch gear, circuit breakers, fuses.  

Industrial machinery                                                                    Programable logic controllers, process controllers, production line systems, press safety switches.  

Transformers                                                                         Power transformers, distribution transformers, instrument transformers.

Electronic components
Circuit boards, relays, capacitors, inductors, resistors, rectifiers, power transistors, memory chips, integrated circuits.

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